Company Introduce.

Bros... and Company.

In April 2013, BROS&COMPANY INC. was formed by three co-founders (we called ‘Bros’ each other) who have met during serving in the military service. We love the small team passion, smart people, energy, and the ability to think of something in the morning and execute it in the afternoon. We’re looking for our next Bros – someone who’s good for the role, good for Bros&Company and good at lots of things. Things move quickly around here. We look for people who are great at lots of things, love big challenges and welcome big changes.


Designing daily experiences.

Design impacts all our lives in ways subtle and overt. From our daily cell phones to the complicated building construction, every single object is a function of design and design must be rooted in reality. 

We believe that great design is more than just good aesthetics. It is the way we use objects. 

All design we created have its own purpose. We truly try to understand our customers’ needs better than any other company and eliminate all unimportant opportunities. We strive to design great experiences that are 

simple, elegant and efficient.

일상의 경험을 디자인합니다.

디자인은 우리의 모든 삶에 미묘하지만 명백한 방식으로 영향을 미칩니다. 

그러기에 일상적인 휴대폰에서부터 복잡한 건물에 이르기까지, 모든 사물은 실생활에 근거하여 디자인되어야 합니다. 

훌륭한 디자인은 단순히 심미적 아름다움 이상의 것이라고 믿습니다. 그것이 BROS & COMPANY가 사물을 대하는 방식입니다. 우리가 만든 모든 제품에는 이유와 목적이 있습니다. 

우리는 누구보다 고객이 원하는 것을 잘 이해하고 본질이 아닌 것은 지우려고 노력합니다. 

단순하지만 우아하며 효율적인 일상의 경험을 우리들의 제품과 행동을 통해 전하겠습니다.

Products & Package.

Team Map.

CEO - KiYeol Park.

Before founding Bros & Company, CEO, Kiyeol Park, worked for LS Cable & System. He was in charge of overseas sales and marketing for overseas markets including Middle East, North America, South America, Europe and Africa. He managed and carried out large national infra projects in overseas markets and won orders of large national projects from the U.S., Canada, Dubai, and Libya.

CTO - YoungJin Seo.

With the founding members, he founded Bros & Company in 2013 with the idea of 'Making the world where people’s talents are recognized.' Even though product development through crowdsourcing is difficult and hard, he has made and developed Pallo with the belief that it can make the world better. Before founding Bros & Company, he worked as a SW engineer for Dongbu CNI and was in charge of cash flow and accounting process by establishing and operating accounting system for stock companies, such as Golden Bridge, HMC, and Dongbu Securities Co. He is in charge of overall development and operation of Pallo service platform and establishment of business vision and management strategies.

Director of Lab - JiHoon Lee.

He has 12 year experience in design in various areas (Display, home appliance, IT, accessories, daily necessities and stationery) and currently works as Director of Product Design Research Lab. Before joining Bros & Company, he worked as Display/Home Appliance Designer for Daewoo Electronics, and Product Design Team Manager for Dadam Design Associates Inc., and managed product design for Monami. He is a warm hearted designer who considers experience more important than academic degree, has a lot of experience and know-how, values actions more than words, and trusts heart more than appearance.